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Get a Debt Consolidation Loan and Get Out of Debt


At, we have debt consolidation programs to help you no matter what your current situation is. We specialize in providing effective, tailored solutions to get you out of debt and onto the right financial track.

How Do Debt Consolidation Programs Work?

Debt consolidation programs are actually simple programs. What they do is consolidate all your debts together into a single payment. Rather than paying several lenders and dealing with their high interest rates, penalty fees and other charges, we combine all your debts into a single payment. While we’re doing that, we also negotiate lower interest rates and discounts to help reduce the total amount you owe and make it easier for you to make your monthly payments.

When to Use Debt Consolidation Programs

Debt consolidation is especially useful if you’re currently missing payments because you can’t afford the total amount you owe. Every time you miss a payment, you’re likely being charged a late fee. Some companies will raise your interest charges when you miss payments. If you simply can’t catch up with payments, consolidating your debts into a single payment can help solve many of your problems.

How It Works

When you first contact, we will set you up for a free consultation with one of our counselors. During this counseling session, you will be able to talk about your budget, your current financial situation, your debt and your monetary goals. This is the right time to ask any questions you might have and figure out whether debt consolidation is right for you or not. If debt consolidation is a good option for your situation, the counselor will help you get set up into a program so you can get started.

Things to Consider

Debt consolidation programs are not free. If you agree to let us help you, you will be charged a fee. This fee is noticeably lower than what you would pay in interest fees and penalties if you didn’t consolidate, so don’t let it dissuade you from pursuing consolidation as an effective solution to your financial problems.

At, we handle creditors for you. This means that once you sign up with us, we will call creditors on your behalf and negotiate a payment plan you can afford. When possible, we will also negotiate discounts, lower interest rates and request the cancellation of penalties and late charges. Many creditors actually agree to freeze interest rates when dealing with debt consolidation programs. Best of all, you will no longer receive harassing phone calls from collection agencies, since we will be the ones dealing with them directly.

After we agree on a payment plan, you send us a single monthly payment and we distribute that money among your creditors as agreed. If at some point your financial situation changes, we can renegotiate amounts and payments on your behalf again. If your payment plan is longer than six months, we will talk to you again after that time and see where you’re standing and what, if anything, needs to be adjusted to get you into one of the best debt consolidation programs available.

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    Bad credit can stand in the way of getting the lowest mortgage rates, the best auto loan, a new apartment, or even your dream job. A consolidation loan can help you rid yourself of those nagging debts that drag down your credit score and create a roadblock to achieving the life you want. Imagine being able to eliminate that past-due medical bill, credit card statement, student loan payment or any other lingering debt—tomorrow? 

    Let us help you get pre-approved in minutes for a short-term loan of up to $1,500. Forget about the time-consuming background check that a bank or credit union would put you through; at, your steady employment is the only security you need.

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